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The Street Analysts is a free business-focused publication based in the United Kingdom with the goal of providing free and accurate analysis on a variety of industries. Our site provides readers with content on new analysis, stock research, and the cryptocurrency industry.

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Our Team

Get to know the authors that produce your favourite content on The Street Analysts platform.

Josh Moir

Equity Research & Interview Reporter

Josh reports on Equity Research for The Street Analysts focusing on an event-driven investment strategy, implementing a wide array of techniques including macro-economic analysis and political evaluation in his research. Josh also leads our "The Business Of" podcast spearheading all interviews conducted by The Street Analysts. Josh has also recently begun writing a large amount of Cryptocurrency related articles, most notably through his Cryptocurrency Project Analysis series.

Adi Mishra

International Markets Reporter

Adi covers the bulk of our international markets research and is primarily focused on more macro-focused trading. Adi Mishra takes a 'top-down' style approach to his idea generation; first building his world view, then working his way down country by country, sector by sector.

Adi also takes a keen interest in more long-term investing, and when doing so, looks to take a more bottom-up value approach. For long-term investments, Adi likes to look for companies with strong balance-sheets and stable cashflow, as well as cheapies that the market has mispriced.

Jack Garrard

Global News Correspondent

Being the head of news here at The Street Analysts, Jack tackles the main stories and big headlines of the week, diving in-depth into what he deems to be important news. His trading strategy goes in accordance with this, predicting how the markets will react to current affairs and political shifts.


Jack doesn’t like to jump into a story too early and prefers to sit back and analyse the subject more deeply, before he feels that he can truly give his opinion on the matter, however, when trading, he sees the importance of acting early, and therefore he is always alert to events to react immediately.

Feel free to send any enquiries, questions or other messages to us and we'll attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

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